Web Development

Web development is everything involved in the creation of a website. Typically it refers to the coding and programming side of web site production as opposed to the web design side. It encompasses everything from a simple page of HTML text to complex, feature-rich applications designed to be accessed from various Internet-connected devices.


• Web pages( dynamic and static )

• Tool used in web development

• Languages used in web development

• Client side and server side languages

Use Of Web Development Tools

• Dream Viewer

• Configuration of APACHE and PHP

• SQL Yog + PHP Myadmin ( Data base tools)

Learning PHP

• PHP Basics

• Loops

• Strings

• Functions

• Variables and Arrays

• Conditions and Branches

MYSQL Database

• Database Basics

• Loading a Database

• Creating a database

• Modifying a database

• Administering a database

• MySQL command Interpreter

Advance Development Techniques

• Introduction to framework

• Handling Large amount of data

Developing an Application Using PHP and MYSQL

• Querying a database

• User-Driven Querying

• MySQL functions in PHP

• Previous and Next Browsing

• Case study brief introduction

• Inserts, Updates, and Deletes

• User Authentication and Management

Salary Offered

Web developers, being the backbone of any website, are offered excellent pay-packages. Generally, a fresher can expect a salary range somewhere between Rs.10,000 – Rs.25,000. per month. Computer professionals with engineering degrees or M.CA. qualification are offered excellent pay packages in this field.

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